Yemen Snack Food Company

Who we are

Yemen snack food company (YSF) was established in 1984, as a shareholding limited company, relaying mainly on the best agricultural, and finest sources of the raw materials in the world, in a manner that is appropriate with the nature of consumer tastes in the Yemeni market .

The company also contributed to supporting the local industries sector by providing national products of high quality that strongly competes with other imported products ,It also provided new job opportunities for Yemeni people .

As a first stage , the company established a factory for the production of natural potato chips in 1984.Then as a second stage, in 2001 the company added new production lines specialized in producing  natural corn puffs ,with a large production capacity that enabled YSF to spread its products throughout the country .

As a result of the increase in local demand for snack food products , the company launched its third phase in 2013 by adding new ( European – made ) production lines to produce delicious snacks pallet ,with the same level of quality that characterized the company’s products, which was and still one of the most important factor for its success, distinction and continuity  at the top of  the industrial companies in Yemen .

Yemen snack food company (YSF) has become today one of the most important industrial leading companies in the snack food manufacturing field .It adheres to its basic principle, which is attention ,focus and preservation of the high quality of its products along with continually development of different packages and flavors to suit all the desires and tastes of its consumer from different segments of the Yemeni society.

Who we are
Who we are